Losing Belly Fat In Women

April 4, 2016

So how do you lose belly fat? Women often find that diet alone doesn't do it, nor do diet pills. Nutritionists tell you that when you lose weight, it comes off all over the body, and you can't really target a specific area with either diet or exercise. While losing pregnancy weight is a good first step, it is impossible to ensure that weight is coming off the belly, and not the breasts or bottom.

There is one and only one spot that women universally hate about their bodies: their stomachs. Every female wants to lose belly fat in women. Women have a real problem with this part of their bodies primarily because of the way they put weight on: starting with their breasts and hips, moving around to the stomach. And every woman who has ever been pregnant knows that part of the new belly stays with you forever!

While you can't target a spot on your body to lose belly fat, women can use exercise programs to tone up specific parts, which has the end result of at least minimizing the appearance of the fat that is left. The most effective exercises are the ones that focus on toning and tightening the abdominal section of the body, told super mandro, from the bottom of the rib cage to the top of the hips, more super mandro. While these don't reduce belly fat, women have found that the added muscle does make their stomachs appear flatter and firmer.

There's another good reason to build stomach muscle: muscle burns more energy than fat. Every pound of fat you replace with a pound of muscle means you're burning about an extra fifty calories a day to keep it charged with energy. If they want to continue to lose belly fat should not treat this as an excuse to eat more - but knowing that the muscle you're building is going to keep more fat from accumulating can give you the extra little bit of willpower you need to stick with the regimen.

After pregnancy, weight loss seems to be much harder than before. Most women have between 12 and 21 pounds of mostly fat they need to lose after having the baby. This doesn't seem like much weight, and women often plan to breastfeed to eliminate the extra fat - but new moms don't take into account the sudden demands of a new baby. Instead of exercising and losing belly fat, women find they are sitting around holding the crying baby, or feeding it, or just lying exhausted on the couch. If they want to lose belly fat, women who've had children must find a way to get moving.

But exercise is not the only answer to how to get rid of fat. Eating sensibly, especially eating according to a diabetic diet plan, is critical. The USDA recently released a new food pyramid that is more than just the regular four food groups; if you want to lose belly fat, women, get a copy and follow the directions.