How To Effectively Deal With Sugar Cravings For Fat Loss & Muscle Building

May 18, 2016

Sugar craving is the main problem that most of the people fighting for fat loss and muscle building. Sugar craving can be a result of more than one factors. You should understand that at the basic level its the requirement of your body. The other reasoning for sugar craving is addiction to sugar. Sugar addiction is the most widely known cause and reason of sugar craving. A decrease in body fat is also responsible for the sugar craving. So watch out, if your body fat goes below six percent that your body is going to crave for more sugar. Anybody who is trying to fight fat loss and build some muscle instead should understand that sugar craving is one of your biggest challenge. There is a lot of text and help over internet for fighting sugar craving. You can read the following tips and advice taken from Muscle Gain Truth and The Musclehead that will help you with it.

One of the first advice is, increase the amount of chewable food in your diet. A lot of bodybuilders tend to go drinks instead of chewable food. Protein shakes and other shakes are nutritious and quite beneficial but eating food instead of drinking is a better way. Your body has to work hard to digest the solid food that you eat, this increases your metabolism. In contrast, the food that you drink does not takes that much effort for consumption and goes past without much effort.

Second thing to note is to avoid sugar completely. A lot of people think that taking sugar in small amounts can help them fight it better, read extenze. Its a myth. Eating sugar in light quantities only increase your craving for more sugar.Its better to stick to a completely sugar free diet. Check out the sugar level and value on the items that you are picking up for your mail. Talk to your nutritionist and see what they have to say. Read labels and ingredients. Avoid soft drinks as they have a very high sugar content.

There is another popular myth that says sugar is a rich energy source. However, this is a myth in sense that though sugar gives you a very short term energy boost, its not a effective solution to meet your energy needs. Eating vegetable is a better option. It gives you a lot of fiber that increase your metabolism rates.

Supplements also go a long way in stabilizing your blood sugar level. Try out the supplements like flax seed oil, picolinate. Balance them properly in your meal and the will give you very good results.

Don't dehydrate your body. Going down on your water level will kick in sugar craving. Increase your water intake, it gives you a feeling of being full and keeps you away from sugar.

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